News from Wedding Soul: We’re back for more

Hej everyone!

It’s 2019 already and Berlin’s soulful music scene is still wondering: What the heck happened to Wedding Soul? 66 powerfull shows with guests and music from all across the world, endless, sweaty nights, where is this amazing place gone that we all loved for so many years? Well, let’s make this quick: This month we’re very happy to give you the conclusion!

WEDDING SOUL is back at Panke on Saturday, February 23rd!!

For one night in February we’re coming back to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you. We bring you new records, new fun and all the charm from back in the days. Tell your friends, save the date, come early and dance a lot with us! We’re looking much forward to see new and known faces,


Beat Kollektiv aka

Soulix, Selfmade, Marian Tone, Markus Tone, Lucky Loop & Soulski <3

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