Berliners know BEAT KOLLEKTIV for a long time already: DJs and organizers Marian Tone, Miko, Soulix, Markus Tone, Lucky Loop and Selfmade were doing for over five years their monthly WEDDING SOUL at Panke Club (based in Berlins district Wedding), the little big party offside the touristic centres of Berlin is bringing a great mix of known and rare Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. Always accompanied by friends who are more main stage than backyard party: Mr. Thing, DJ Amir, Jazzanova, The Mighty Mocambos, Max Graef, DJ Platurn, Soul Service, E Da Boss, Hot Peas & Butta and much more have been guests already.

Now they are off to new shores, starting new projects in and outside town.

Wherever you meet them, is it in Warsaw, Hamburg, Paris, is it in Vilnius, Düsseldorf, Tiflis or Berlin, Beat Kollektiv guys are playing great full of energy dj sets that bring soul music of former days together with todays finest productions from all across the globe.

Mixtapes, productions & more: