News from Wedding Soul: We’re back for more

Hej everyone!

It’s 2019 already and Berlin’s soulful music scene is still wondering: What the heck happened to Wedding Soul? 66 powerfull shows with guests and music from all across the world, endless, sweaty nights, where is this amazing place gone that we all loved for so many years? Well, let’s make this quick: This month we’re very happy to give you the conclusion!

WEDDING SOUL is back at Panke on Saturday, February 23rd!!

For one night in February we’re coming back to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you. We bring you new records, new fun and all the charm from back in the days. Tell your friends, save the date, come early and dance a lot with us! We’re looking much forward to see new and known faces,


Beat Kollektiv aka

Soulix, Selfmade, Marian Tone, Markus Tone, Lucky Loop & Soulski <3

The Pendletons & Lucid Paradise live in Berlin!

B Soulski und Beat Kollektiv präsentieren: The Pendletons & Lucid Paradise in Berlin. E Da Boss und Ishtar kommen den ganzen Weg aus San Francisco nach Berlin im Rahmen ihrer Funk Forever Tour. Unterstützt werden sie von Reel To Reel aus Barcelona. Funk, Boogie, Disco live und vom Feinsten!

Hier die drei Events die wir Euch präsentieren dürfen:

Boogiemann Soulski meets E Da Boss

Stranger Funk #3 w/ The Pendletons, Lucid Paradise, Reel 2 Reel

Pendletons / Lucid Paradise / Reel2Reel // Bar Tausend

Beat Kollektiv back at Panke: For a bar night

Hej guys!

It’s been a bit quiet here cause we’re doing many different projects, playing in different venues, travelling or working on albums. You will hear more soon definitly.

Good news we have for you now: We gonna all come together at our old venue Panke and play a Pre-X-Mas bar night which we’re much looking forward too.

Come over, fee ist just 4 Euros to cover expenses, and we gonna play music at the bar for you, like back in the days. It’s gonna be cosy and nice and dancy. See ya on Saturday! <3

Beat Kollektiv At The Panke Bar

We are back: Kool and Together! The new event series by the makers of Wedding Soul

Beat Kollektiv is back with an all new regular show, back to the roots and bigger as ever: Finest Soulful Music, Disco, Funk, South American and Afro Beats, a mix of brilliant tunes from back in the days together with today’s finest productions have a new home in Berlin.

After doing Wedding Soul each month for over five years we’re back for more. We focus on ourselves again, on more dancing, more sound and the essence of all of it: quality music – no filler, all killer.

Beat Kollektiv alle
Beat Kollektiv

We start off with three shows at Humboldthain Club in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen in November, January and March. What’s like you know it: We have best tunes and atmosphere for you, personally as musically open minded, looking for a good time on the floor. What’s new: We gonna play two floors at Humboldthain, have more space and an amazing outdoor area so you can wander around the venue and enjoy double as much Beat Kollektiv sound. Sounds good, eh?

For the first show, it’s just us. We gonna have a lot of time to play, each of us six will have a lot of time to take you with him on a musical journey. On the main floor we will play a great mix of Disco, Boogie, Funk and Soul. On the Upper Floor we will dig deep in more analog music from the Southern hemispehere as well as more Eastern European Funk. We’re very excited to see how this works 😀

Jared McGriff, by Angela Anderson Guerrero
Jared McGriff

We like to give huge props to our homie Jared McGriff from Miami beach for doing the amazing aquarelle artwork for us now, we hope you love it as we do.

He did three different motives for the three shows and you already see the first one on our poster this time. Each one is very special and unique.

We’re looking much forward to see you all soon at Humboldthain, save the date, spread the word, Beat Kollektiv is back in the game:

Kool and Together!

October 27th – you got the choice: F-Hain or Gesundbrunnen?

Hej friends,

tonight we got two amazing show’s for you and you have the hard choice to decide where you go. Both parties will be amazing, both parties have a great line up. You choose!

If you’re living in the south of Berlin we suggest you go to Friedrichhain’s Badehaus and join our man Boogiemann Soulski who’s having Burn Reynolds from Soul Service Warsaw and our very own Marian Tone with him at the decks.

If you’re living in the north of Berlin you go to Gesundbrunnen’s Kugelbahn and dance at the Koogle Boogle with Soulix and Hamburg’s finest Mune Ra.

The choice is your’s <3

A message from Wedding Soul

Dear fans and friends,

after 65 shows and more than five years at the beloved Panke Club we decided after long talks within the Beat Kollektiv to bring Wedding Soul as a montly show to an end. We’ve had so much fun, we gained so much experience, we had so many amazing moments in this place and with this project, with all our guests, on the dancefloor, behind the decks as well as on stage and with the whole Panke crew.

We like to thank you all for your loyalty over the years, for coming each month and making it the special night it has always been. We especially like to give thanks to Erika and Justas who are running Panke for making this possible and all unnamed people who have been part of this.

Wedding Soul 66 Poster
Wedding Soul 66 Poster

We’re very much looking forward to our very final Wedding Soul at Panke on September 16th and we hope to see you all there, and if not to see you very soon in other places and under different labels.

We will keep up making for you the best parties and events in town, we believe this story doesn’t end here, it simply goes on on new paths and we are very excited about the next steps ahead!

Follow this page and our Facebook accounts at and

See you soonish, yours Beat Kollektiv ♥

“As every blossom fades
and all youth sinks into old age,
so every life’s design,
each flower of wisdom,
attains its prime and cannot last forever.
The heart must submit itself courageously
to life’s call without a hint of grief,
A magic dwells in each beginning,
protecting us, telling us how to live. (…)”

Steps – Hermann Hesse